The best food hotspots in Rotterdam

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There are a lot of food hotspots in my hometown Rotterdam that are worth a visit! For breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts, you name it, this city has got it. That’s why I made this ultimate food guide for Rotterdam with 10 breakfast spots, 12 hotspots for dinner, 10 vegan hotspots and 10 hotspots for desserts in Rotterdam. Of course, there are even way more food hotspots that are worth a visit, and you can find a lot of them on my other blog Weekends in Rotterdam

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10 Breakfast spots in Rotterdam
12 Hotspots for dinner in Rotterdam
10 Vegan hotspots in Rotterdam
10 Hotspots for desserts in Rotterdam


Ultimate Foodie Guide for Rotterdam with the 42 best food hotspots in Rotterdam!

10 Amazing breakfast places in Rotterdam

In Rotterdam you can find countless of amazing breakfast spots. Below I share some of my personal favourites that offer all sorts of dishes you crave in the morning, whether it’s sweet or savoury: the best pancakes, smoothie bowls, yoghurts, waffles, eggs and grilled cheese sandwiches. Of course these spots also offer lunch possibilities. If you’re looking for some more inspiration, check out @breakfastinrotterdam where they share all the breakfast spots Rotterdam has to offer!

Still in need for more inspiration? Check out these amazing breakfast spots in Rotterdam!

1. By Jarmusch

A must visit in Rotterdam if you’re looking for the best breakfast in town. At By Jarmysch you can take a seat at the counter or slide into one of their booths and enjoy their refillable coffee and their amazing pancakes. During sunny days in Rotterdam you can also take a seat in their great courtyard. There are plenty of delicious options, such as waffles, pancakes, eggs in any style, açai bowls much more delicious options.

According to By Jarmusch: “If your breakfast is the most important meal of the day, you should have it exactly the way you want it.” I can’t agree more.


Goudsesingel 64, 3011 KD Rotterdam

2. Nine Bar

The name Nine Bar is a reference to an optimal espresso that’s made with a pressure of 9 bar. Their goal is to have their customers walk into Nine Bar and forget that they’re actually on a lunch or coffee break and to actually relax, and live in the moment. It’s a cute little place in the Maho Kwartier that’s definitely worth a visit.


Botersloot 44A, 3011 HH Rotterdam

3. Yoghurt Barn

Whether you’re in need for a healthy or guilty pleasure, Yoghurt Barn has it all. The interior is great, a very cosy place with various seating areas and ideal for all sorts of occasions. Whether you’re looking for a place to study or work, or if you’re looking for a place to catch up with a friend.

It’s not a surprise that Yoghurt Barn’s menu offers a lot of different types of yoghurt. This is their passion and speciality. They have some excellent yoghurt specials, such as the Crazy Cookie, Energy Explosion and much more!


Oude Binnenweg 117 – 119, 3012 JC Rotterdam

4. Breakfast in Rotterdam HQ

All day breakfast anyone? It’s possible at Breakfast in Rotterdam HQ, located in second-hand shop Spullen voor in je Huis (which means ‘Stuff for in your home’). Everything in Breakfast in Rotterdam HQ is for sale, so if you happen to sit on a cute chair you can buy it after eating your breakfast.

The interior is very Instagrammable, with cute walls decorated with painted eggs and avocados and they even have a pink room full of plants, inspired by #PlantsOnPink. Definitely don’t skip Breakfast in Rotterdam HQ during your visit in Rotterdam!


Stadhoudersweg 96D, 3039 CJ Rotterdam

5. Bazar

Bazar has a perfect location on the Witte de Withstraat, making it a great breakfast spot if you’re located in the city center. I recommend to try the Extra Bazar breakfast which includes a sweet pancake, yoghurt and fresh fruit, all sorts of bread and sweet and savoury spreads.


Witte de Withstraat 16, 3012 BP Rotterdam

6. Harvest Coffee Brewers

Harvest Coffee Brewers is a cute hotspot is situated in the Glashaven, a fantastic location. When the weather permits it you can sit outside on their little terrace with a view on the small harbour. My top pick here is the sweet french toast!


Glashaven 107, 3011 XG Rotterdam

7. Arzu The Foodbar Supplier

If you’re in need of some delicious sweet pancakes, be sure to visit Arzu The Foodbar Supplier in Rotterdam. Here you can get 19 (!!) different type of pancakes. From Nutella, Apple pie and Oreo to Goat (cheese), Peanutbutter and Popeye (with spinach and feta cheese).


Bergweg 209A, 3037 EJ Rotterdam

8. Lilith

Another spot for amazing pancakes and all day breakfast is Lilith. Here you can get healthy or not so healthy options, a fresh cup of coffee, a yumy smoothie bowl or their famous Eggs Benedict.


Nieuwe Binnenweg 125H, 3014 GJ Rotterdam

9. Rolph’s Deli

Rolph’s Deli has to be on your list when you visit Rotterdam. Located on Kop van Zuid, this hip all-day breakfast and lunch place offers amazing pancakes, freshly squeezed juices, tea and coffee and much more.


Otto Reuchlinweg 974, Rotterdam

10. Mr. NonNo

Mr. NonNo is a fantastic vegan friendly breakfast spot in Rotterdam. On their menu you can find delicious vegan pancakes, vegan breakfast bowls and vegan toast! They also offer egg muffins, delicious (melted) toasts and more!


Middellandplein 18A, 3021 BT Rotterdam


12 Great restaurants in Rotterdam

Sushi, sea food, pasta, pizza, taco’s and much more delicious dishes! Below you can find a great variety of restaurants in Rotterdam. From budget to fancy, find some of the best options below!

1. The Oyster Club

The Oyster Club has a great interior, amazing drinks and of course tasty, fresh fish. Fruits de Mer, oysters (you could’ve guessed that), lobster, meat and sushi and sashimi. A fantastic place for a date night.


Rodezand 36, 3011 AN Rotterdam

2. By Ami

By Ami is a very special restaurant in Rotterdam. It has a beautiful, colourful interior and serves delicious, colourful dishes. In addition to a wide choice of lunch dishes, dinner dishes, bites, desserts and vegetarian/vegan options, you can also enjoy a high gin, high wine or high beer here.


Antoine Platekade 983, 3072 ME Rotterdam

3. Old Scuola

Are you a pizza lover? Be sure to visit Old Scuola in the Industrial Building in the center of Rotterdam. At Old Scuola they prepare the Fior di latte mozzarella, buffalo mozzarella and burrata according to their own recipe. The fresh ingredients come from Dutch water buffalo and cows.

Want to have more options for a tasty pizza? Check out these hotspots in Rotterdam for amazing pizza!


Achterklooster 1, 3011 RA Rotterdam

4. Nooch Asian Kitchen

Nooch is an Asian cuisine restaurant that fuses modern Vietnamese, Chinese, Indonesian and Thai kitchens. On their menu you can find a wide selection of delicious dishes, such as sushi & sashimi, soups, noodles, rice and much more. They create authentic Asian ‘family’ meals, which means that everything on the table is to share.


Westewagenstraat 56, 3011 AT Rotterdam

5. Pizzabakkers

If you’re craving some delicious pizza, Pizzabakkers is definitely the right option for you! The home-made pizza’s are made in an Italian wood oven. The crust is crunchy, thin and tasty and the pizza toppings are all super fresh.


Pannekoekstraat 68A, 3011 LK Rotterdam

6. Supermercado

We mentioned Supermercado before, as they offer delicious and affordable food! They are a perfect place if you want to sit outside on their terrace, but on colder days you can also sit inside their Instagrammable restaurant.


Schiedamse Vest 91A, 3012 BG Rotterdam

7. Langoest

At Langoest you can get fresh fish, such as seasonal fish, fruit de mer, tuna steak, oysters and octopus. Basically anything from the sea! You can also order a surprise menu of three, four or five courses!


Boompjes 677, 3011 XZ Rotterdam

8. Alfredo’s Taqueria

Craving Mexican food? Check out Alfredo’s Taqueria on the Goudsesingel! Delicious tacos, tortas or Super Tasty Burritos. They also serve delicious cocktails and their interior is amazing.

Check out more Mexican restaurants in Rotterdam!


Goudsesingel 204, 3011 KD Rotterdam

9. Ono Japanese Fusion Dining

If you’re looking for something special, go to Ono Japanese Fusion Dining. Here dishes have been decorated with flowers, caviar, coloured sauces, thin truffle potato crips or small meringues. Whether you’re on a budget or looking for a fancy dinner, both is possible at Ono Fusion. It all depends on what you order!


Antoine Platekade 1005, 3072 ME Rotterdam

10. La Pizza

The delicious pizza’s at La Pizza are traditionally made in a wood stone oven. They also offer lasagna, Penne al pesto Genovese and Spaghetti alla Vongole. Delicious!


Scheepstimmermanslaan 21, 3016 AD Rotterdam

11. Tandoor16

Craving Indian food? Check out Tandoor16, an unusual Indian kitchen and bar that offers the best India-inspired cuisine with a large selection of vegetarian (streetfood-) dishes and Tandoor-oven signature dishes.


1e Middellandstraat 16B, 3014 BD Rotterdam

12. Mood by Eveline Wu

Get yourself a sushi boat at Mood Rotterdam! They also serve delicious sashimi and tempura and other fresh seafood dishes. Be sure to also check out these great sushi restaurants in Rotterdam.


Otto Reuchlinweg 999, 3072 MD Rotterdam


10 Vegan friendly restaurants in Rotterdam

There plenty of vegan hotspots in Rotterdam! Most restaurants have at least one vegan dish, and more and more restaurants are adding plenty of vegan options on their menu. Below I share some of my favourite vegan friendly restaurants in Rotterdam.

Be sure to also check out the best vegan restaurants in Rotterdam and these hotspots that offer a vegan afternoon tea!

1. Rozey

Rozey is an AMAZING vegan/vegetarian hotspot in Rotterdam. It’s a very unique restaurants, since it’s the first restaurant in the Netherlands where you can eat unlimited vegan and vegetarian dishes all night for a fixed price. The extensive menu includes 55 dishes, all made with delicious sauces, fresh vegetables and meat substitutes. The owners of Rozey have opted for the best responsible products that do not contribute to damage to the environment and animal welfare. This unique hotspot is definitely worth a visit!

Definitely recommended, whether you’re a vegan/vegetarian or not!


Wijnhaven 85, 3011 WK Rotterdam

2. Vegan Junk Food Bar

Vegan Junk Food Bar is an amazing hotspot where vegans and non-vegans can eat 100% plant-based snacks. Expect a colourful interior and creative, tasty vegan snacks. They serve vegan junk food dishes, such as the Original VJFB burgers, flash fries with vegan dipping sauces, velvet cakes and so on.


Schiedamse Vest 144, 3011 BG Rotterdam

 3. Flower Burger

At Flower Burger in Rotterdam you can get colourful, vegan burgers in fast food style. Everything at Flower Burger is colourful: the chairs, the ceiling and even the food. There are six type of burgers to choose from, and everything is 100% vegan!

It’s also a great place if you’re on a budget. For less than 10 euros you can have a delicious burger!


Hoogstraat 107A, 3011 PK Rotterdam

4. BACKYARD Rotterdam

BACKYARD is a plant based and vegan friendly restaurant. It’s the urban backyard in Rotterdam, a green oasis where you can go for surprising, down to earth meals. You can visit BACKYARD for breakfast, lunch and dinner!


Korte Hoogstraat 14, 3011 GL Rotterdam

5. Healthful

Healthful in Rotterdam is where you can enjoy meals without feeling guilty one bit. Here you can get both vegan and vegetarian food, all freshly made with varied and nutritious ingredients.


Spaansepoort 77, 3011 MN Rotterdam

6. Jack Bean

Jack Bean is a 100% plant based fast food restaurant in Rotterdam. The owners developed a sustainable food company that aims to inspire people to eat more plants. That’s why they introduced Fast cuisine: quick, cheap, healthy and plant based food.


Weena 702, 3014 DA Rotterdam

7. Spirit

At Spirit they really think about food waste. You pay for the weight of your food. Plus, everything is super healthy, 100% organic and 100% vegetarian. There are also good options for vegans!

Mariniersweg 9, 3011 NB Rotterdam

8. Mr. Salad

Next to the many options in salads (both vegan and non-vegan) Mr. Salad give you the option to create your own salad. A real recommendation for vegans in Rotterdam!

Goudsesingel 235A, 3031 EL Rotterdam

9. Sajoer

At Sajoer you can get breakfast or a quick snack. Try out their acai bowls, chia pudding, oatmeal and delicious juices!

Botersloot 46a, 3011 HH Rotterdam

10. Happy Earth

Happy Earth Kitchen is the perfect hotspot for vegans in Rotterdam. I definitely recommend their brunch platter on Sundays with all these delicious treats you see on the photo above this text. Make sure to make a reservation on time!

Zwaanshals 299, 3035 KH Rotterdam


10 Places to get a delicious dessert

Milkshakes, cakes, pies, freakshakes, cupcakes, ice cream… all of these delicious treats can be found in the hotspots below! If you’re a real sweet tooth, you’ll be happy to learn that there are plenty of hotspots in Rotterdam where you can get yummy desserts.

1. Baker’s Dough

Remember eating cookie dough whenever you were baking cookies? Well, at Baker’s Dough you can exactly this, with all sorts of delicious toppings. They have some amazing specials, such as the Chocowocodoughdaaa with Snickers Cookie dough, M&M’s, Kinderbueno, Brownies, Nutella and, optional, cookie dough ice cream. Delicious!


Pannekoekstraat 82A, 3011 LK Rotterdam

2. Bulls and Dogs

Pie Aerts x Bulls and Dogs

At Bulls and Dogs you can’t only get banger burgers and tasty side dishes, they also serve freakalicious milkshakes, such as the Chewy Snickers Crunch, Tender Apple Pie Treat, tasty hot chocolates, pretzel croissants and sweets!


Oostzeedijk 344 – 346, 3063 CC

3. Coffeelicious

Coffeelicious is perfect for a high tea. But they offer much more sweets, such as homemade cakes and pies.


Nieuwe Binnenweg 174, 3015 BJ Rotterdam

4. SUE Rotterdam

If you’re craving something sweet and guilt-free, we have the perfect hotspot for you. They offer bites that are sugar free, glutenfree, lactose free, raw and vegan! The “sweet without sugar” bites from SUE are all hand made each day.


Karel Doormanstraat 372-374, 3012 GR Rotterdam

5. Ten to three bakery

Another perfect hotspot for high tea is Ten to Three Bakery. Here they have a cute interior and serve the cutest cupcakes.


Aert van Nesstraat 24, 3012 CA Rotterdam

6. Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shop

You can find the Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shop at the Witte de Withstraat. Here you can get delicious Ben & Jerry’s ice creams in more than 15 flavours, including the special Rotterdam flavour Gers Bakkie Roffa. 


Witte de Withstraat 39A, 3012 BM Rotterdam

7. De IJsmaker

Another option on the Witte de Withstraat for ice cream is De IJsmaker. They serve traditional ice cream and only use honest and high quality ingredients. But they also serve delicious cocos macaroons!


Witte de Withstraat 7A, 3012 BK Rotterdam

8. Belicio Cheat-day

For the biggest sweet tooth out there, we have Belicio Cheat-day in Rotterdam. Here they serve ice cream, ice donuts, freakshakes, bubblewafels and many more goodies full of heavenly calories.


Beurstraverse 59, 3011 AE Rotterdam

9. Gracy’s

At Gracy’s both the food and interior is very Instagrammable. Not only can you get delicious burgers, hotdogs and all sorts of snacks. But they also have delicious milkshakes, cakes and ice cream!


Mauritsstraat 1A, 3012 CE Rotterdam

10. Lof der Zoetheid

At Lof der Zoetheid you can get cakes, scones, chocolates, pies and lots of tea. It’s another fantastic location to go for a high tea in Rotterdam! If you do, make sure to make a reservation on time.


Noordplein 1, 3035 EA Rotterdam


That were the 42 best food hotspots in Rotterdam, with some amazing options for breakfast, dinner and desserts. Have you ever been to Rotterdam? What is your favourite hotspot? 


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