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Travelling together with your loved one is the ultimate dream for many. Exploring perfect beaches, urban cities and seeing what this world has to offer with your favorite person in the world! Of course, it’s awesome and that’s why nowadays many couples have taken this dream and made it their reality.

But, if you’re travelling together for a longer period of time, it cannot be compared with a short romantic getaway. So, unfortunately, it’s not only kisses and sunset watching. It’s no secret that travelling can bring out the worst in people. If you’re planning on going on a trip with your loved one, you probably even already heard from multiple people that it will be a true test of your relationship. Or some might even say that it will break your relationship.

Well, it can definitely make or break your bond. But, don’t be alarmed. We asked for some relationship advice from fellow experienced travel couples, who all have their different way of travelling. We asked each couple how they keep their relationship fun while travelling together.

Most of these awesome couples also run a blog and/or have an amazing Instagram page about their travels, be sure to check it out! Click on their name for their blog and on the photos for their Instagram account. 

Selena & Jacob from Find Us Lost

selena-jacob-finduslost, 10 couples who travel the world and share their best tips

Couple: Selena (26) & Jacob (26) from the USA.

Our story: We met 7 years ago while attending college in Southern California. We were friends first and started dating towards the end of our Senior year. Just one month before graduating, we planned to meet each other in Europe — we still laugh about it since we hadn’t even made our relationship official!

Just this past March, we left our lives in Los Angeles to travel, beginning with a road trip through the Balkans. Our goal was to move to Europe afterwards, so we recently set up shop in Amsterdam. We’re both working remotely now on our travel blog and Instagram, Find Us Lost.

Our travel style: Our travel style is a mix of budget and luxurious. It’s important for us to get a “local feel” for a destination, so we often use Airbnb to find hidden gems in each city we visit. This also allows us to budget portions of our travels and then splurge for unique experiences — like a traditional cave house perched over the water in Santorini!

How do you keep your relationship fun while travelling?

Travelling has allowed us to get even closer. We both have a deep love for travel and the amazing experiences that come along with it. Our advice for other couples travelling together is to be respectful and give each other space when needed. It’s also important not to take yourself so seriously! Usually our disagreements fizzle out within the hour because we make the other laugh. Accepting that you have quirks and can see past them in one another makes the experience that much better.

Amy & Nathan from Two Drifters

two drifters, 10 couples who travel the world and share their best tips

Couple: Amy (30) & Nathan (34) from the USA.

Our story: We first met in 2011 in a hostel in Edinburgh, Scotland. It was totally random but I suppose you could call it serendipity, because here we are 5 years later, married and travelling the world together!

Our travel style: Our preferred type of travel is slow travel, because we have to balance adventuring with our online work. Currently we’re staying in Brasov, Romania for the next 2 months exploring this very beautiful place and getting some work done.

How do you keep your relationship fun while travelling?

When travelling as a couple, you’re together 24/7. It’s important therefore to spend time alone. We believe this is an invaluable asset to our partnership and helps us feel more independent (and sometimes more relaxed). That separate alone time is vital to a healthy bond, so we make sure to spend an afternoon or so apart every week.

But, we love to be together, and we keep our relationship fun and full of laughter. Our favorite thing to do, no matter if we’re home in the USA or in a hostel in Europe, is to watch funny YouTube videos! The sillier the better, and if cute animals are involved, we’re sold. Laughing together and snuggling up is our evening ritual, and it definitely keeps our relationship strong.

Michiel & Marije from Our Travel Dreams

our-traveldreams, 10 couples who travel the world and share their best tips

Couple: Michiel (35) & Marije (33) from the Netherlands.

Our story: Apparently we already met when we were really young and were in the hospital to get our adenoids cut. We have a really cute picture of us, with 2 other boys, on a hospital bed in beautiful white hospital dresses. We met again 5 years ago, found out we were living in the same flatbuilding, got together to drink some wine and that was the beginning of our lovestory!

Our travel style: Our travel style changed since we started. In the beginning, we were okay with only the basics, no luxury and just eating street food. However, this changed after a while. We’ve been on the road for this long now, that it is really nice to have a bit more luxury. We think, because of that, we still really enjoy the trip and it’s probably better for our relationship.

How do you keep your relationship fun while travelling?

One of the first questions other people ask us is how we manage to keep it fun together. Michiels’ answer is always that as long as Marije listens and do what he says, there are no problems. Of course that’s not (completely) true, but we manage because we really have the same way of travelling. We like the same things, are fed up with places at the same time and that really helps. We don’t really have to compromise.

What’s the secret? Great advice? No idea to be honest. Allow yourselves to get into little fights and just realize that your partner needs to release some steam. You are the only person he or she can use that for. And never, ever, ever walk away after a fight. Don’t do that at home, but certainly don’t do that while travelling.

Katie & Ben from Two Wandering Soles

two-wandering-soles-ben-and-katie-poland, 10 couples who travel the world and share their best tips

Couple:  Katie (28) & Ben (29) from the USA.

Our story: We quit our jobs 3 years ago and have been on the move (more or less) ever since! Our long-term travels have brought us to a remote farm in the Ecuadorian Andes, on a 17-day trek to Everest Base Camp, and island hopping in the Philippines! We even spent a year teaching English in South Korea to save up for more travels.

Our travel style: When we’re travelling, we seek out adventure, love delving into local culture and eating everything in sight – and we do it all on a budget! And every time we travel, we make an effort to do so in a way that is sustainable. We try to support local companies and leave the smallest footprint possible.

How do you keep your relationship fun while travelling?

Travelling together has been one of the best things we’ve done as a couple – we even wrote an entire article about how overseas travel can make your relationship stronger. There are a few tips we have for other couples that plan to travel together – whether it’s for a short holiday or on a one-way ticket.

Before you set out on your travels, make sure you are on the same page as your partner (or at least understand their travel style). We’ve got a list of super important questions to discuss before you start packing your bags – knowing the answers to these questions could make the difference between growing even closer together on your travels or really getting on each other’s nerves.

Travelling isn’t always picture perfect. Be prepared to have arguments, to be exhausted after spending a day on transportation. Sometimes you’ll be disappointed by places and you’ll miss the comforts of home, and if you’re expecting perfection it’ll be hard to cope.

Take time to really be in the moment. Sometimes travelling can be a rush of getting from place to place and getting the perfect picture, but be sure to pause. Take it all in with your hunny, because these are experiences to be treasured.

Ethan & Claudia from LOVE GUN KISSES

lovegunkisses, 10 couples who travel the world and share their best tips

Couple: Ethan (28) & Claudia (27) from England.

Our story: We’ve been together for 12 years. We’re currently on a trip through Asia that has broadened our comfort zones, as we’re also living from a backpack with no return ticket. After living in London for the last few years (which we really enjoyed) it was time to stop putting things off and take that big trip, we’d always considered living and working abroad, so why wait?!

Our travel style: We’re budget travellers at the moment, we’re normally quite last minute and hardly ever fully plan ahead. If we’re not on a tight budget we always look for a cute or cool boutique hotel or home stay. We love the thrill of exploring and hope to immerse ourselves in the different cultures and languages of where we visit.

How do you keep your relationship fun while travelling?

We’ve done dorms, but personally we think it really benefits you as a couple to have your own room. Also, for a couple it can often even work out cheaper. Needless to say as a couple it’s nice to have your own personal space, as you never know what the day will bring.

Lots of individuals or couples are using a creative output whilst travelling. Blogging, photography or social media. It should not be the be all and end all. It’s great to document your travels or channel your creativity but as a couple it’s equally important to embrace your experiences together in the moment and not to always think about content. It’s nice to have the downtime together to relax and reflect on your experiences.

Andrew & Florence from COMMON SUNDAY

COMMON SUNDAY, 10 couples who travel the world and share their best tips

Couple: Andrew (25) & Florence (27) from Canada.

Our story: We met back in 2013 while working at American Apparel’s head office. We were friends for a year and spent most of our time together shooting photos and café hopping in our home city of Montreal. A year went by and our friendship developed into something more. It was a perfect match given our love for travel, photography, and adventure.

Our travel style: Since we work remotely, our travel style is less adventurous and more focused on integrating ourselves into foreign communities (both with locals and other expats).We opt for modest private rooms or bungalows when travelling, and then lease long-term accommodation in the cities where we settle down. By spending extended amounts of time in a city, we really make it feel like ‘home’. We get to know the hidden gems, make local friends, try out all the food and even learn basic foreign language skills.

How do you keep your relationship fun while travelling?

Spontaneity! Make time for exciting things like getting out of the city for the weekend, going for a hike, going surfing or scuba diving. Surprises are also really awesome, so try to surprise your significant other with a fun date night or a couple’s massage.

Andrew: Be patient! When travelling for long periods of time, you will inevitably come across stressful moments so just make sure to keep a positive mindset, know that the storm will pass, and that better days are ahead of you!

Flo: Alone time. We work together, live together, and do just about everything else together – so that’s a lot of ‘us time’. We need to remember that solo time is really important for our well being, as well as our relationship. Don’t be afraid to split up for a few hours or days and focus on what you really want.

Nick & Hannah from Salt in our hair

saltinourhair-travel-blog, 10 couples who travel the world and share their best tips

Couple: Nick (24) & Hannah (23) from The Netherlands.

Our story: We are two creatives travelling the world together as a couple. In the Netherlands, we graduated school in the creative industry as a graphic designer and web developer. We both work on travel blogs, taking photos and editing videos. The name Salt in our Hair popped up when we drove back home from the North Sea with sticky salty hair!

Our travelstyle: We’re no luxury travelers at all, although we do love to be digital nomads and take all our gadgets with us. Currently we are back home saving money for our next big trips. We always travel with a backpack, which is still the best option for now. We’re travelling on a budget, but always sleep in a double room.

How do you keep your relationship fun while travelling?

A little piece of advice if you are doubting to travel as a couple: stop listening to other people’s opinion about travelling as a couple, just pack your bags and do it now!

It can be hard being together 24/7. We all love some time alone and when travelling together this can be a bit difficult. It’s good to go have fun with other people and spend a day or night being with them. Learning new things and most of all creating new friendships is really important. Always.

Laura & Max from Laura Max Explorers

Laura Max, 10 couples who travel the world and share their best tips

Couple: Laura (27) & Max (27) from Germany.

Our story: Three continents, six countries and endless islands – this is our life right now and the next months. We are a German couple, who never wants to stop exploring. We both studied engineering in Munich, this is also where we met each other. In fact, dressed in Dirndl and Lederhosn over some rather huge beers on Oktoberfest.

Our travelstyle: We did several short-term travels before, adding up to not more than 2 weeks each. Our journey around the world is our first and big long-term trip. Being on the road for over 5 month without working is quiet pricey. Therefore, it is more important for us to extend our travel by living from a small budget. From time to time we treat ourselves with something nice or even luxurious in order not to lose the fun of travelling.

How do you keep your relationship fun while travelling?

It is very important to respect each other’s interests, needs and wants. Try to operate as a team and make decisions together. As someone who is eager to spent every penny on overpriced activities while the other one saves up on food and drinks at every occasion, it can get difficult. Find your common sense and settle on what is important to both of you.

Most challenging is probably that you spent pretty much 24/7 together for several months. So you have to take in all moods and emotions of the other one. It is important to understand and be tolerant. No one can be happy and cheerful all the time, but you shouldn’t take it personal.

But if you really get into a fight, it’s the same advice whether you are at home or out travelling. Listen to each other and talk about your feelings. Don’t lose valuable time on arguing instead of enjoying life and exploring the world!

Samantha & Ryan from Our Travel Passport

ourtravelpassport, 10 couples who travel the world and share their best tips

Couple: Samantha (24) & Ryan (24) from the USA.

Our story: We fell in love while we wrote letters from across the world and have been travelling ever since we got married 20 months ago. We don’t travel constantly, but we venture wherever, whenever, and as nicely as we can by scrounging the internet for cheap flight deals, collaborating with travel companies, and saving money in every facet of our lives.

How do you keep your relationship fun while travelling?

Travel can seem impossible, but if you make it a priority you can do it. We want everyone to know that you can have a full-time job and a family and still see the world. Buy groceries and eat at home, don’t go to that concert, and don’t miss out on credit card rewards. If you implement the little things, any couple can see the world.

Travelling is what unifies us. It’s our favorite activity to share together and it allows us to work together and help each other accomplish each of our dreams. Just like any team, you have to compromise and be willing to put the needs of your partner above your own. If you’re both doing that and travelling together, it’s really hard not to keep your relationship thriving!

Jim and Christina from Mr. and Mrs. Romance

mr-and-mrs-romance, 10 couples who travel the world and share their best tips

Couple: Jim & Christina from Australia.

Our story: We love travelling together and have done ever since we first met. In fact, it was travel that brought us together as we’re from opposite sides of the world. We’ve been together for a long time, and so our travel style has changed with us along the way.

Our travel style: These days it’s concierge and boutique hotels rather than the backpacks and hostels we used to go for. Though we’re still chasing that unique experience – that once-in-a-lifetime moment that comes with adventurous travel.

How do you keep your relationship fun while travelling?

Because we’ve been travelling together for so many years, we know each other’s travel style like it’s second nature. But learning one another’s flash points and preferences makes sure that any journey together – short or long – won’t go wrong.

We’re also careful not to spend our entire trip in one another’s pockets. We love each other’s company – especially when we’re away. But making time to venture out on our own from time to time – just for an hour or two – means we look forward to talking about the things we’ve discovered.

It’s things like this that keep travel fresh and exciting for us and help us bring stories to our readers from both our perspectives.


Hopefully the advice from these awesome travel couples will help you and your partner in crime with your (future) travels. Make sure to give each other space, respect each other and don’t expect everything to be perfect. But most importantly, enjoy the good times you have together. Travelling together is an unforgettable experience. 

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10 couples who travel the world and share their best tips, Experienced travel couples share their best advice, 10 Experienced travel couples share their best advice, couples that travel the world, travel the world together, happy together, traveling the world happily together, travel couples

10 couples who travel the world and share their best tips

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