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Chapter Travel was created in 2015 by Lisanne to share her adventures with Jeffrey on the biggest trip of their lives. Eventually blogging grew on her and she continues to share her adventures. Now, on this website you can expect various destinations, travel tips, interviews and more. The text is written by Lisanne, except guest posts by other bloggers, and proofread by Jeffrey. In addition, we both like to create unique visuals of the most beautiful places. 

Who are we?

Our names are Jeffrey and Lisanne. We are a Dutch couple, both 26 years old, and on our first date we already knew we would travel together and started planning our biggest adventure. We have just finished our first big trip together through Australia and Asia. You can follow our adventures on various social media channels, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Our journey through Australia and Asia

In 2015 we booked a one-way ticket and started our first CHAPTER in the land down under; Australia. Here we traveled in a campervan and explored a lot of the country. After Australia it was time for us to pack our backpacks and move to another continent to start more CHAPTERS: Asia.

Our journey in Asia started in the beautiful Roof of the World Nepal. Here we discovered beautiful mountains, lakes and enjoyed the local culture and cuisine. After Nepal we crossed the border by rickshaw to India, where we traveled through Rajasthan and saw the Pink City, Blue City, spent a night in the desert and visited the world famous Taj Mahal. After India we visited Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, CambodiaKorea and Japan.

At this moment we are sorting out all the stories we still want to share. On this website you can expect information about all the above destinations, including travel guides, tips and more. Also, we are currently located in The Netherlands, and from here we will have trips around Europe. Thus, soon you can expect travel guides, tips and more about countries in Europe.

What’s the Personal Blog about?

Not only do we try to provide you with information about places we have been and give you tips and recommendations about different destinations, we also have a personal blog. It’s important to share our own experiences during our travels. We want to do this as honest as possible. Not only for our friends and family who are curious about our adventures, but also for travelers who are thinking to do the same or want to know about our experiences as budget world travelers.

Destinations and Unique Places

We share our experiences from different destinations around the world, giving recommendations on where to go and what to do. Not only do we visit populair places that are praised by many, we also try to visit as many unique places as we possibly can.

After visiting places, we always try to share the spots we liked most. We always like to get tips from others, so you can always contact us if we are visiting your city or country!

Travel Tips

We learn a lot about traveling while we are on the road, because we are right in the action ourselves. Therefore, we have a section where you can find all sorts of travel tips. Here you can find practical tips about longterm traveling, or any other useful advice for globetrotters. We have lots of tips for budget travel and recently added tips for solo travel, couple travel and ethical travel.

Interview of the Month

Every month we interview a different traveler in the world. Travelbloggers, families, solo travelers, couple travelers, whoever has an interesting story to tell. Not only established travel bloggers can contribute to the Interview of the Month, because every traveler has something interesting to share. You can apply by telling something about yourself and your travels in an e-mail to info@chaptertravel.com.

Read two of our interviews with Two Drifters and Travelibro to learn a bit more about US!

Who knows what our little adventure will bring!

If you have any questions, are interested to be featured in an interview, collaborations, or just want to say hello, please sent an e-mail to info@chaptertravel.com.

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