How to stay connected as a traveler, Skyroam
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How to stay connected as a traveler. We have traveled non-stop since 2015 and we love sharing our experiences and tips on our website and social media channels along the way. However, this has definitely not always been easy! One of the struggles we mostly had was having no internet connection. Although we appreciate the occasional digital detox, it’s quite frustrating when you have spotty WiFi for seven weeks in a row in Nepal. Luckily, we have found the solution to this struggle. We are very happy to announce we have partnered up with Skyroam. These last few weeks we have been trying out the Skyroam Global WiFi Hotspot and we are loving it. In this article we will explain why it’s useful for the modern day traveler, how it works and how you can get one too.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. This means we get compensation if you purchase the product, because we referred you to it. Using our referral link doesn’t cost you any extra money. All opinions in this article are honest and our own.

Why we love Skyroam

How to stay connected as a traveler, Skyroam, Jeju Island

Our experience with Skyroam so far

Our experience with the Skyroam Global WiFi Hotspot so far has been good. We wish we knew about this device before, as we had countless situations during our travels in which we desperately needed it.

Right at this moment we only use it when we don’t have the possibility to access decent WiFi and we really need some online work done. As we’re currently traveling in countries that often offer decent WiFi – South Korea and Japan – we don’t need it on a daily basis. But, you would be surprised that we still need to turn our hotspot on from time to time.

We found it great that the day passes of Skyroam don’t need to be used in a certain amount of time. This way we can save it for destinations that are less connected.

It works almost everywhere in the world

These days you expect free WiFi everywhere, but this is definitely not the case. We have traveled to a lot of countries in Asia, and we often encountered places were there were no places with WiFi at all or even worse: with spotty WiFi that makes you pull your hair out. Why tease us? 

Once in a while we even have trouble finding working WiFi in a big global city. For instance, we are writing this article on the airport of Busan, the second biggest city in South Korea. Our plane is delayed, which offers the great opportunity to get some work done. We had free WiFi everywhere in South Korea, but we had no luck on this airport. Luckily, we got it covered by using Skyroam and we can still manage to stay connected!

What is unique about Skyroam, is that it’s possible to use almost anywhere in this world. We know that some hotspots are just not compatible with networks in certain countries. It’s perfect that we can access the internet whenever we please, wherever we please.

How to stay connected as a traveler, Skyroam, Japan, Skyroam Japan, Osaka Castle

It keeps us connected when we want to

Before we had our Skyroam hotspot, we got online in each country by getting the local SIM card, or just tapping off the free WiFi we found. Unfortunately, both ways were often quite frustrating. Often the SIM cards option proved rather expensive when we had to recharge it four times on a day to just publish a blogpost and upload our photos. And free WiFI? Well, like we said before. This is just not always available or just not working good enough.

Also, imagine traveling and living in a camper van in Australia, tapping off the free WiFi on the parking lot of McDonald’s every time we needed to finish a blogpost. Not ideal. We wish we had it then!

Sometimes we love being disconnected and that’s why we go on an occasional hike, trek or remote location. But, when we want to do some online work, we want to be able to do so whenever we choose. It can be quite frustrating when you decide to get some work done and it’s not possible at all. Luckily, Skyroam enables us to get online whenever we need to.

How does Skyroam work?

How to stay connected as a traveler, Skyroam, Jeju Island

How do you get connected with Skyroam? We will explain all the steps below on how to use the Skyroam device – it’s really easy.

Get your Skyroam Global Hotspot

You will need a Skyroam Global Hotspot. With your Skyroam Global Hotspot you have your own portable WiFi hotspot with secure mobile WiFi or “MiFi”. You can get yours here!

Get connected!

You can turn on your hotspot with the power button on the right side of the device. Connect to its network on one of your devices by using the provided network key and passwords. It is possible to connect with up to five devices.

Get a 24 hours pass

To start, you’ll need a 24-hour day pass to get unlimited global internet for a full day. These passes can be bought online for one flat fee. This means you don’t have to worry about using too much data!

Once you turn on the Skyroam Hotspot and get connected, it’s possible to purchase day passes on their website.

Enjoy WiFi everywhere in the world

Of course, this is the best part. With a Skyroam hotspot you can enjoy unlimited data and fast secure internet almost everywhere in this world. It’s available in more than hundred countries globally.

Charge your Skyroam hotspot

Every Skyroam hotspot comes with a charging cable and extra battery. The battery life is up to 8 hours. For us it’s really useful to have a battery that doesn’t need charging a lot, as we have many gadgets we need to plug in already.

How to get your Skyroam

How to stay connected as a traveler, Skyroam, Jeju Island

Are you interested in getting a Skyroam Global WiFi Hotspot too? These can ever be rented or bought, whatever you prefer! Get yours over here.

Renting a Skyroam Hotspot

If you’re only going on a short trip or if you travel very occasionally, renting one might be easier. It might make more sense if you will be using the device for only one week in a whole year. Renting a hotspot device costs $9.95 per day for unlimited WiFi.

It’s also a great idea to rent the Skyroam first before buying the hotspot. That way you can try it out for yourself before investing in the hotspot.

Buying a Skyroam Hotspot

If you’re going on a long trip or travel frequently, it probably makes more sense to buy it. That way you can use it whenever you want. The Skyroam Hotspot costs $99.99 and comes with three free daypasses. After you have finished your free daypasses, it costs $8 per daypass.

We really recommend buying a Skyroam if you’re a longterm traveler. Whether you are backpacking around South America or Asia, or if you’re traveling around with a camper van in Australia or Europe. You only use it when you need it, so when you’re not using during a stay in a hotel with good WiFi for a while it’s not a problem.

Skyroam is a great way for modern travelers that want to stay connected. No need for SIM cards or monthly data plans, or tapping off WiFi in a McDonald’s. 

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How to stay connected as a traveler, Skyroam, jeju island

How to stay connected as a traveler, Skyroam, Japan, Skyroam Japan

How to stay connected as a traveler, Skyroam, jeju island




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