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For December we have a special Interview of the Month. This travelblogger of the month is actually not just one traveller, but two! Meet Julia and Ana. You can find them on Instagram under the account @twinstravelling. As you can guess by the name, they are twins that travel together.

ChapterTravel: Hi girls! So excited to have you as travelers of the month December. I would love to get to know you a little bit more, and I think the rest of my followers as well. I know you two girls are twins from Brazil and that you are travelling the world.

Maybe you can first give a short introduction before we start the questions? What do you do? How many countries have you already visited? What ever you like!

Julia and Ana: Hi Guys! We are Julia and Ana. We are twins, both 26, Brazilians and we live in Sao Paulo, the biggest city in Brazil.
Julia: I went to business school and currently work in a consultant company. I started working very early, in a bank, at the age of 18. I always wanted to earn my money so I could travel, so every time I had some time off I used to travel somewhere far from home! I don’t know how many countries I visited… haha but for sure there are still many to go.
Ana: Im Ana and I’m an international tax consultant, currently working in a big four audit firm! I’m a lawyer and accountant and just like my sis, I also started working very early. I am a free spirited girl, so travelling is what actually brings me joy!

We decided to create @Twinstravelling on Instagram to post photos of the places we have already been to with tips and some information about our experience, because our friends were always complimenting our photos in our personal profiles and asking for tips! This way we can share all the fun that we had visiting all those amazing places.

Thank you for your introduction, business ladies! I’m impressed. Let’s start this interview.

I really love your Instagram feed. You girls have been to so many places. What where your favorite ones?

Julia: That’s really hard to say. To me every place has it’s magic, and even if the trip is not “easy”, I always like seeing how different and surprising the places and it’s people can be! So it’s not that I like one place more than the other, but sometimes the way you travel can bring you stronger memories to some places. I loved Amsterdam (and King’s Day), had an amazing trip with a camper through New Zealand; all those beautiful landscapes! Indonesia is AMAZING. The South of France (Côte D’azur and Provence), Patagonia, Bruges and Gent (two fairy tales cities in Belgium) were all great trips. I’ve been to amazing places in Brasil as well; saw so many places there! The northwest region!
Ana: This is a very tricky question! By far England is my favorite country; maybe because I’ve lived there for almost a year, but the truth is that I just fell in love with the place. The summer I had in Croatia, Hvar was also incredible and remarkable. Switzerland is one of my favorites, because of the landscape, the mountains, the lake and the chateaus. South Africa, Cape Town and Dominican Republic and Punta Cana are also amazing destinations.


Can you both name five places in the world where you haven’t been, but really want to go? 

Ana: Asia (Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Thailand), Galapagos, Greece, Alaska and Russia.
Julia: Zanzibar, Tanzania, Turkey, Israel, Galapagos, Portugal, Atacama.

That are more than five places per person you girls, but I’ll forgive you. I know how it’s like if you want to see too much of this world.

I have never been to Brazil before and would love to go. Do you maybe have some tips?

Brazil is such an amazing country! Since it’s so large you have so many different landscapes. Rio is so famous and you should go there! But you have to go visit some other places too. We’ll just list some amazing places:

Fernando de Noronha, Chapada Diamantina, Bonito, Pantanal, Amazonia, Lencois Maranhenses, Sao Miguel dos Milagres, Florianopolis, Foz do Iguacu…

I could continue the list and you would stay in our country for 1 year, haha. Lisanne [interviewer and from ChapterTravel, ed.] and everyone who is reading are all very welcome! And we would love to help you guys with anything you might need. The landscape and the food are very different in every state and we must say that it’s delicious! We’ve been to many countries, but the Brazilian cuisine is easily in our top five.

Do you girls always travel together? Or sometimes separate/with others?

When we were younger we used to travel together a lot. But now, because we have our jobs, it’s harder to conciliate the dates to travel, so we travel separately too! You can see it in our Instagram feed that sometimes there is a boyfriend or friend in a picture, haha.

Do you have a lot of fights/discussions during your travels? If so, how do you cope with them?

We argue more about other subjects! Travelling usually goes smoothly. However, when we are planning sometimes it does happen. It’s a bit stupid to say but usually we argue because one of us thinks we are not taking enough pictures and the other is tired of taking pictures, haha!

That’s funny! I think that must be very relatable for a lot of travellers. You want a lot of pictures of all those amazing places, but you need someone that is willing to take all those pictures… with you in it.

I love the fact that your twins. You must have an extraordinary connection with each other. Can you maybe tell us a fun/cute anecdote about yourselves from when you where kids, or something that happened recently?

Well… We went to the same school and we were little diabolic creatures. However, because we had angelical faces, no one ever expected us doing something wrong and funny. For example, once we had put a fake leg in the girls’ restroom cabin and locked it from the outside, so that when people looked they thought there was a girl inside the cabin. Then the teachers thought there was a fainted girl inside and they broke down the door and found those two fake legs! We were terrible, haha. Now we are serious people, haha!

Oh, you girls…

Do you have some tips for fellow travelbloggers for their Instagram accounts?

We believe that everyone should always share every great moment and all the fun they had. This is essential for us! We always take many, many, many photos, wherever we go, and that helps us to choose a great one for Instagram.

What is your favorite picture on your Instagram feed, and tell us something about this picture.

There are many of them… We love the one we are jumping and laughing next to London Tower, because that was an amazing summer. It was during the Olympic games in 2012.

What is your next travel destination?

Julia: I will probably go to Bahia (Brazil) in the New Year’s, to Morro de Sao Paulo, Boipeba and Salvador.
Ana: I’m planning to move to Australia next year and I’m really looking forward to it!

That sounds great, girls! Ana, maybe we will bump in to you in Australia next year.

Do you have something else to share with us? This can be anything!

Julia: Always save money to do what you love!
Ana: I believe that we should all focus on what brings us happiness! To me, it is travelling.

And of course! Lisanne! Thank you very much for noticing us and choosing our Instagram account! We wish you the best with your travels and your website! 😉

Check us out on Instagram @Twinstravelling.

You’re welcome girls. Thank you so much for participating in our first Interview of the Month for the month October. Keep up the great work. Happy travels!

Check out some more of Ana’s & Julia’s travel pictures

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