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Every month, Lisanne interviews a fellow traveler about their adventures. Last month was the first edition with Monique Miranda. For the month November we’re talking with the person behind TipsyOnTravel! Meet Léanne, who is currently living in Bordeaux, France in our Interview of the Month November!

Lisanne from CHAPTERTRAVEL: Hi Léanne. Really happy you agreed to take this interview. I love your Instagram account and I’m very curious about your website [her website is currently under construction, ed.]. I know you’re a French/American girl. But that’s as far as it goes. I would love to know more about you, and I think the readers as well. So…

Maybe you can first give a short introduction about yourself before we start the questions?

Léanne: Bonjour and hello everyone! I am a 23-year old passionate traveler who enjoys the understanding of different cultures, food and history! From a very young age my mother has always brought me along with her to her adventures – she has visited 30 countries thus far and is still going strong! I think that her love for traveling has rubbed off on me. I am currently living in Bordeaux, France and travel during every small weekend I can find. I’m in Bordeaux pursuing my Masters in International Business. I choose this major, as I would love the opportunity to find a job that would allow me to travel! What is a better way to live?

I have currently visited 16 countries! This includes the Hawaiian Islands (included them with America) and the Caribbean islands (counted them as French, British, etc.). @TIPSYONTRAVEL is an Instagram account that I have created last January in Thailand. I’m a very extrovert, energetic, passionate person and really wanted to start sharing my experiences; hoping that my followers would enjoy them as well!

Thank you so much for your great introduction. Shall we just start this interview?

What is the favorite place that you’ve traveled to?

You start with a very hard question! I LOVE everywhere, all for different and unique reasons. One place though that I return to often is Hawaii. Here you can find a great mix between vacation time (beach, cocktails, luaus) and adventure time (volcanoes, history of gods, botanical gardens, hiking, surfing).

Hawaii never gets old with the people’s natural charm, bright colored flowers, and yummy freshly captured fish tacos!

Well, I guess I have to visit Hawaii once! Can you name five places in the world where you haven’t been, but really want to go? If you want, you can explain why it is in your top 5.

Greece (Mediterranean) -I really want to study mythology and astronomy, where else to do that than in Greece!
Jaipur, India – I would love to attend the famous elephant festival where elephants are considered and symbolized as royalty; covered in jewelry and vibrant colors. I feel like I would be a dream!
French Polynesian Islands, Tahiti, Bora Bora– a vacation has a beach, a mojito, and a nice tan! I would love to discover this area and link my French heritage to their history and culture.
St. Petersburg, Russia – I have always been interested to learn more of the World War I and the Russian revolution. As a small girl, I loved the story of Anastasia and the dark stories of Rasputin.. Now that I am older I would love to know the how, why and when? In St. Petersburg I would also enjoy the beautiful artworks, architecture, and understanding of cultural differences.
Morocco, Africa -I would love to wander in the dessert eating couscous in small tents and see jaw dropping palaces!

Your website is currently under construction. Can you give us a hint when it will go online?

I plan to open my website in the next two months! I already have it basically done; I just want to be absolutely perfect!

Who do you travel with?

I mostly travel with my mother. My mother is a passionate traveler and I believe I inherited her genes for travel! From the early age of four I already moved to a different country, moved many times and attended many different schools. This made me love change and provided me to easily adapt to different places and different cultures. I still mostly travel with her. The way she appreciates life and adventures inspires me. I hope to bring that same passion to my website to show viewers why I love to travel so much.



That’s amazing. Where were you born and where did you move to when you were four years old?

I was born in Tours, France and then we moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the U.S.A when I was four… Then I moved to West Virginia when I was around 15. And since last year I went back to France!

You love to try lots of foods from every region. What is your favorite dish?

You want me to pick a favorite dish?! Ha, that’s impossible. I love all sorts of food and eat everything! I really enjoy trying the delicacies of every part of the world. For example, limoncello from Italy, curry from India, fois gras from France, pata negra from Spain and even yucky vegemite from Australia! I love tasting the culture!

You’re French/American. There must be an interesting story there. How did your parents meet?

My family’s history is actually a very complicated one! I will explain in a summary on how I’m French/ American. My American grandfather was a G.I. [soldier of the United States Army, ed.] in France when he met my French Grandmother. They then decided to move to America with the 2 children that they have made (my mother and aunt). My mother decided to go back to France where she met my French father in Tours. They met through a friend.

Do you have some tips for fellow travelbloggers for their Instagram account? Since yours is great!

That is very nice to say! I’m also in the beginning stage of my travel blog.

The advice I have is; show your personality in your account. Many travel accounts have been looking the same lately. Set yourself apart, you are you, not just another account! Show the world how special you really are!

Thank you, great advice!

What is your favorite picture on your Instagram feed? Can you tell us something about this picture?

I really enjoy my photo with the leaning tower of Pisa. I almost fell of that little column, haha. That picture was well worth it. It’s very fun to be risky to try to get that photo that you want!

Ah, I also have a photo with the tower of Pisa. Funny to see all those people trying to get the right angle! 


What is your next travel destination?

I’m actually going back to Paris very soon and other destinations in France. I will also be going to New York for Christmas! Very excited for the melting pot of cultures, Broadway, meat-packing districts, and meet ups with some friends and family.

Do you have something else to share with us? This can be anything!

Thank you ChapterTravel for choosing me as one of your travelbloggers of the month. When you messaged me for the interview I was so flattered. I hope that everyone has fantastic travels and that you enjoy my blog- any critics and reviews are welcome.. I want to make it the best it can be ! (:



Check out more travel pictures from Léanne!

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