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Lake Argyle is an amazing spot in Western Australia. It’s located close to Kununurra and is at the end of one of the most scenic drives in Australia. One of the highlights at Lake Argyle is the beautiful infinity pool, as it offers some of the most amazing views over the lake. The infinity pool is also one of the reasons I wanted to visit Lake Argyle. I saw these amazing photos and knew I had to go! Lake Argyle is perfect as a (day) trip from Kununurra or as a stop on the road in Western Australia. Located on the border of Northern Territory and Western Australia, you pass by this attraction if you drive this scenic road by car. Definitely take your time enjoy the sunny weather and gorgeous lake views, while you sip on drinks at the Lake Argyle infinity pool! 

In this guide to Lake Argyle you can find facts about Lake Argyle, learn how to get there, where to stay and 6 things to do at Lake Argyle! 

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Guide to Lake Argyle in Western Australia 

Amazing view over Lake Argyle in the Kimberley Region, Western Australia. The perfect place to relax. An easy visit from Kununurra, Katherine Gorge or Halls Creek.

Facts about Lake Argyle

The name Lake Argyle stems from Argyle Downs, the name given to the huge property on the banks of the Ord River. This property was named by the Durack family. Located in the east of the Kimberley, Lake Argyle is a man-made water reservoir and is part of the Ord River Irrigation Scheme. There is over 10.7 million liters of water in the lake, which is over 18 times the amount of Sydney Harbour. Lake Argyle is actually Australia’s second largest artificial lake!

The man-made lake was created in the 1970s. Lake Argyle village was actually the construction site for Lake Argyle Dam. What you can visit now is the remnants of the village.

How to get to Lake Argyle

How to get to Lake Argyle? You can visit Lake Argyle by car, boat, plane and even helicopter flight. The easiest way is by car, and there is a sealed road that goes all the way up to Lake Argyle. Lake Argyle is located on the border of the Northern Territory and Western Australia.

Lake Argyle is right on the border of Western Australia and the Northern Territory. It’s the first stop in Western Australia when you travel by car from the Northern Territory. So if you’re planning on travelling from Darwin to Western Australia, you’ll pass this gem. Or if you’re going the other way around, it will be the last attraction of Western Australia. Broome is over 1.100 kilometers away and Kununurru is 70 kilometers away.

So how to get to Lake Argyle? The easiest way is by car. You don’t necessarily need a 4×4 wheel drive to get there, as there is a sealed road up to the lake. This makes it easy for those that are driving a 2×2. Other ways to get to Lake Argyle is by boat, by plane or helicopter flight. All of these are departing from Kununurra.

Kununurra to Lake Argyle

The closest town to Lake Argyle is Kununurra, which is one of the youngest towns in Australia. As Lake Argyle is 75 kilometer south of Kununurra, it’s an easy (day) trip for tourists and locals. Like mentioned before, there is a sealed road that goes up to Lake Argyle, so it’s easy to go there by car. However, it’s also possible with a scenic flight, cruise or helicopter flights. These options are a bit more pricey though!

Where to stay in Lake Argyle

The Lake Argyle Infinity pool is located at the Lake Argyle Resort. It's a pool with one of the most impressive views. You can watch right over the man made lake of Lake Argyle.

If you’ve already seen some photos, there is a big change you want to stay at the resort with the Lake Argyle infinity pool. Well, I could actually only find one accommodation located at the lake, namely the Lake Argyle Resort. This resort offers camping and caravan sites, and of course access to it’s lakeside infinity pool. The Lake Argyle Resort offers different accommodation as well, such as cabins with a beautiful view of the lake (it’s just a bit more pricy). So if you want a bit more luxury, you can find it here too.

So we would definitely advice you to stay at the Lake Argyle Resort, if only for its infinity pool! It’s only a small town, and we don’t even think there is another accommodation possibility.

6 Things to do at Lake Argyle

To be completely honest, there isn’t a lot to do at Lake Argyle. It’s a small town in the outback, so what did you expect? But there are still some activities you can undertake, we’ve listed them for you below!

1. Lake Argyle infinity pool

It’s already a treat to just drive up to Lake Argyle, as the views are absolutely beautiful. If you’re not spending the night at Lake Argyle, you can still visit the resort during the day and make use of the infinity pool. For $10 (prices may vary over time) you can get a day pass at the Lake Argyle Resort to take a swim in the amazing infinity pool that looks over the lake. Of course you can also grab a bite to eat at the restaurant in the resort after your swim!

2. Hiking at Lake Argyle and the Lake Argyle Lookout

If you’re done relaxing at the infinity pool, you can also go for a hike. At the resort you can just walk in and ask for directions for one of the bushwalking tracks. There are not a lot of trails at Lake Argyle: just two.

There is also a Lake Argyle Lookout, which is on a dam in the middle of a desert. Here you can overlook Lake Argyle and the Lake Argyle dam wall.

3. Argyle Downs Homestead Museum

This museum is located on Lake Argyle road. It’s actually the original home of the Durack family. At Argyle Downs Homestead Museum you can learn about the story of Patrick Durack, who made a fortune on the Ovens River goldfields in the early 1860s, moved to western Queensland in 1868 and bought and sold land and then decided to move to the Kimberley. Here he bought land on the Ord River and the Emanuels on the Fitzroy.

4. Watersports at Lake Argyle

Other activities you can undertake at the lake: all kinds of watersports, fishing, mountain biking, canoeing and of course: swimming. Be aware that there are fresh water crocodiles in the lake, but if you don’t approach them or bother them, they won’t bother you.

5. Scenic flight over Lake Argyle

However, it’s also possible to take a scenic flight over the lake, or a cruise on the lake to encounter the diverse wildlife.

A very popular experience in the Kimberley region is a scenic helicopter flight over the Bungle Bungle Range. There is also a scenic flight that includes Lake Argyle, the Argyle Diamond Mine and Ord River Irrigation Area, and also the Bungle Bungle Range. Check out the prices and availability here. But be quick, the flights are likely to sell out.

6. Picnicking and gorgeous views

After visiting the infinity pool, you can drive up to the Main Ord Dam. First of all; enjoy the beautiful view of the dam while driving up there. Second of all, take some snacks and have a lovely picnic next to the dam! After this be sure to drive up the hills to get an even better and higher view of Lake Argyle.

Lake Argyle is definitely worth a visit when you’re in the Kimberley Region. Take a dip in the infinity pool, enjoy the view and relax! Do you have any questions? Leave them below in the comments. 

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Lake Argyle in Western Australia is definitely worth a visit! It's a bit of a unknown gem, but you pass it when you travel by car from Kununurra to Darwin or vice versa. It's located right on the border of Western Australia and Northern Territory.

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