Halls Creek, WA, Western Australia, Palm trees
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Currently we’re in the outback of Western Australia, in the Kimberley Region. Almost every day of the week we work our buts off to save up money to travel some more. Last week we were happy with our one-day off, and we made the most of it by exploring our surroundings. We went to Palm Springs for a day of floating around and relaxing.

Palm Springs 

Palm Springs is an oasis in the middle of the outback; a small clean and fresh water spring surrounded by palm trees. It is located east of the Black Elvire River Crossing, and to get there you have to ride the Duncan Road. It was a pretty bumpy drive, as there isn’t a paved road. Luckily our car managed! It’s better if you have a 4×4 drive to get around in the outback, because you can go to more places. With our car we aren’t able to go everywhere. The drive also took us two hours, while it was only about 40 kilometers.


Before we got there we both weren’t sure if we were going to swim. We were told about a lady who jumped in the pool and got attacked by a fresh water crocodile just a week or two before. They don’t normally attack you, because they don’t want to eat us, but if you scare them or step on them they will defend themselves. Eventually we did go in the water, as the drive had made us so hot and the water looked so refreshing. Furthermore, other people were already in the water, making it less scary to go in.

You could sit on rocks while in the water, or just float around. There was a tiny waterfall along the side of the spring, and some people were actually drinking from it, claiming it was very fresh. Fortunately the water was also very clear, so if any croc was thinking about visiting us, we would see it coming – although I don’t know if we would be fast enough to get out of the water. We were also told that there are snakes in the long grass around Palm Springs, so you should walk to the water with a lot of caution. Although that sounds very dangerous and all… we will take the risk again, as it was a lovely and relaxing day off.

Our next trip to another place will probably be soon (hopefully next week), so keep your eyes peeled for more unique places in the outback!

Check out some of our images of Palm Springs

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