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So, you’re looking for reasons to escape your current (perhaps boring) routine and visit Australia? Then you came to the right place. In this post I’m sharing, hold on to your crocodile dunphy hats, 52 reasons to visit Australia. Share it with your parents, share it with your teachers, share it with your boyfriend, share it with anyone that doesn’t believe in travelling all the way down under! From over 10.000 beaches, deserts and incredible rock formations, to cute quokkas, kangaroos and koalas and crocodiles… There are many reasons why you should visit Australia. It’s a country where you can cross off many bucket list experiences. Australia is one of the most remote countries on this planet, yet it’s also one of the most popular places to visit among backpackers and other types of travellers. Because the country has something to offer for every kind of traveller. So, is it worth it to make the trip all the way down under? Yes it is. In this post you can find 52 reasons to visit Australia at least once in your life! 

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52 Reasons why you should visit Australia at least once in your life


1. Australia is a great destination for first time backpackers

The Gibb River Road in the Kimberley Region. Luckily we were driving in a 4×4 drive!

Even though Australia is on the other side of the world for most of us, it’s actually a great country to start your first backpack adventure. It’s easy to travel around and easy to communicate with the locals (since you’re reading this article, I’m assuming you speak English!). In the Australian cities you can find food from all over the world, so it’s perfect for picky eaters. And most importantly, Australia is a safe and clean country to travel around. Unless you jump into a crocodile lake, you’ll be fine!


2. There is something for everyone in Australia

The small town of Kununurra, located in the Kimberley Region of Australia.

Australia is perfect for any type of traveller. Whether you’re a city lover or a nature addict. You may be looking for a relaxing getaway, cultural experience or you may crave adventure. All of this is 100% possible in Australia! There are busy cities, laid back towns, remote places in the outback, beautiful beaches, walking trails, a whole ocean to explore… Because of the big size and vastness Australia offers so many different experiences in one. So, it doesn’t matter if you’re in need for a relaxing holiday or an adventurous journey, you can have it all during your visit down under.


3. Australia has the Great Barrier Reef

We had an amazing time at the Great Barrier Reef and swam with 5 turtles. This turtle seemed to show us the way around! Australia is amazing and has so much beautiful wildlife. This turtle encounter was definitely one of our hightlights

A turtle I spotted at the Great Barrier Reef!

The Great Barrier Reef is the largest coral reef system in the world and the largest living organism on this planet. It’s home to a variety of unique and diverse species. This gigantic reef is located in the Coral Sea, off the coast of Queensland, Australia. It’s the perfect place for snorkelling and diving.

Unfortunately, it has been in the news that the Great Barrier Reef is in danger due to climate change and pollution. What is apparently harming the reef are intensive urban development, and farming. Find more info about this issue here. So when you’re planning a trip to the Great Barrier Reef, make sure you choose a environment friendly tour operator and always do some upfront research about ethical practices.


4. And Australia offers more amazing dive and snorkel sights

Coral Bay, Ningaloo Reef, Coral Bay Ecotours, White Pristine Beaches, Australia, Adventure Travel, CHAPTERTRAVEL, Manta Ray

A dive at the Ningaloo Reef.

Next to the Great Barrier Reef, there are much more places where you can go diving and snorkelling. For instance, the beautiful Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia. Here you’ll find a diverse underwater life with 460 species of fish and over 200 species of coral. It’s not even necessary to book a tour if you want to snorkel, since you can walk right into the water from the beautiful white sand beach.

Besides Ningaloo Reef, there are plenty more spots where you can snorkel and dive: the Whitsundays, SS Yongala Wreck Dive Site, Port Douglas, just to name a few!


5. Australia is home to the beach with the whitest sand in the world

Beautiful white sand at White Haven Beach in Australia.

Talking about white sand, Australia is home to the most amazing beaches with the whitest sand in the world. Hellfire Bay, Thistle Cove, Wharton’s beach, Lucky Bay, White Haven Beach, Hyams Beach, Squeaky beach… their sand is all incredibly white. But which beach is the ultimate winner and has the whitest sand in the world? Lucky Bay in Cape Le Grand National Park! Although some sources claim it’s Hyams Beach. Guess you have to do some research yourself and visit them both…


6. You can visit the mesmerising Whitsundays

Swirl of the white sands and turquoise waters at Hill Inlet. Whitsundays is absolutely beautiful and a great reason to visit Australia

Whitehaven Beach at Whitsundays might not have the whitest sand in the world, but it’s definitely absolutely gorgeous. One of our favourite destinations in Australia was the Whitsundays. The Whitsundays are 74 islands on the tropical coast of Queensland, and they are located at the Great Barrier Reef. It’s a very special experience to sail around the Whitsundays. At the Whitsundays you can find Whitehaven Beach, with beautiful clear water and white sand. The sand is made of 98% pure silica, and the water is so clear that you can see right through it.

We definitely recommend a tour to the Whitsundays! It was one of our highlights of our 11-month trip in Australia. Check out tours to the Whitsundays on Get Your Guide here.


7. More than 10.000 beaches can be found in Australia

Did you know that in Australia you can find more than 10.000 beaches? Isn't that crazy

The beautiful coastline of Rottnest Island.

Have you ever wondered how many beaches there are in Australia? A whopping 10.000 beaches! The coastline of Australia stretches for almost 50.000 kilometers, more than any country in the world. The best part is that all of these beaches are public, as there are no privately owned beaches in Australia. More than 85% of the Australians life within 50 kilometer of the coast. I think I really made my point now: if you’re a beach person, you should definitely visit Australia!


8. Australia offers the most awesome road trips

The famous Twelve Apostles in Australia

Australia is perfect for adventures, because you can have an endless road trip here. One of the most popular road trips in Australia is the Great Ocean Road. The picture above shows the Twelve Apostles, which is also on the Great Ocean Road. It truly is a beautiful road trip, but because it’s shows some of the most scenic coastlines, it’s also one of the most touristic road trips.

Not a big fan of touristic spots? Luckily, most road trip routes in Australia are actually quite peaceful. Australia is a big country, so often you have the road for yourself!


9. You can drive a 4×4 on the beach at Fraser Island!

Driving on Fraser Island in Australia.

Fraser Island is the world’s largest sand island. There is actually more sand than at the Sahara! With a 4×4 you can drive over the beach and through the rain forrest. On Fraser Island you can visit Lake McKenzie, rock formation The Cathedrals, the endless 75 Mile Beach and Eli Creek.

Be sure to check out tours to Fraser Island on Get Your Guide. If you don’t have a 4×4 you can also rent one!


10. There are more kangaroos than people in Australia

We spotted a joey (baby-kangaroo) in the pouch of the mommy-kangaroo

Australia really has some of the coolest wild life, including the awesome kangaroos! We’ve spotted them in different parts of Australia. In 2017 the population of kangaroos hit 50 million, while there are only 24 million people in Australia. So there are twice as many kangaroos as people! While I think this is a pretty cool fact, it’s apparently a problem. Experts even encouraged the Australians to eat more kangaroos, since the large kangaroo population could pose a threat to biodiversity. Oops!


11. You can encounter adorable koalas

Koalas are the fluffy, cuddly and iconic animals and definitely one of the most recognisable marsupials in Australia. You can encounter them in the wild, or see them in one of the wildlife parks. If you’re lucky you will even see a little baby koala like the one pictured above!


12. And Australia is home to the Quokka

Rottnest Island, Perth, Coastline, CHAPTERTRAVEL, Quokka, Turquoise Waters, Perfect Water, Australia, Adventure, Australian Wildlife, Joey, Pouch

You may have heard of Rottnest Island with all the cute quokkas! Quokkas can only be found in Australia and are predominantly living on Rottnest Island. Aside from Rottnest, you can also find small groups of quokkas on the mainland of Australia and some on Bald Island.

They are really the cutest little animals you’ll ever find! Be sure that you don’t feed them.


13. There are 19 UNESCO World Heritage Listed Sites in Australia

Bungle Bungles, Purnululu, Bungle Bungle Range, Kimberley, CHAPTERTRAVEL, Cathedral Gorge, Whip Snake Gorge, The Window, Unique Destinations, Backpackers in Australia

Purnululu National Park.

In total there are 19 UNESCO World Heritage Listed Sites in Australia. These sites include some of the oldest rainforests on earth and one-third of the world’s protected marine areas. The UNESCO World Heritage Stes in Australia include 3 cultural sites, 12 natural sites and four mixed sites. Just a few examples of these sites are: Fraser Island, Great Barrier Reef, Ningaloo Coast and Reef, Purnululu National Park and Greater Blue Mountains Area.


14. Australia has some of the most epic pools

Sydney, Pools, Swimming, Bondi Beach, Bondi, City, Urban, Infinity Pool

Bondi Iceberg at Bondi Beach.

If you’re into swimming or other water sports, Australia is definitely a great destination for you. Besides that you’ll find a lot of beaches down under there are also some epic pools. For instance, the Bondi Iceberg at Bondi Beach, Sydney or the pool at Lake Argyle (you can find a photo of this at the end of this article). But, there are also lots of natural pools and hot springs in Australia.


15. There’s always time for a barbecue in Australia

I think I never had so many barbecues as in Australia. During Christmas you’ll see many locals enjoying a festive barbecue. But even without a special reason or occasion, Australians often organise a big barbie (barbecue) with friends. It’s just a big part of their free time to invite friends and family and share shrimps, steaks and sausages with beer or wine. You don’t hear me complaining!


16. In Australia you can explore the many vineyards

Margaret River in Western Australia.

Talking about wine, there are also a lot of vineyards to explore in Australia. There are over 2.400 wineries, spread over 64 wine regions. We visited the popular Margaret River in Western Australia, where we tried out different wine tastings. Delicious!


17. The Kimberley is one of the world’s most precious wilderness regions

A baobab tree in the Kimberley Region.

We don’t want to pick favourites, but we spent a lot of time in the Kimberley Region (six months to be specific) and it’s truly one of the most beautiful places on earth.  The weather is always sunny and the landscape is just crazy beautiful. It’s actually one of the last true wild places on earth and has a population of less than 40.000 people. This while the Kimberley Region is absolutely huge! It’s definitely worth visiting if you go to Australia.


18. Australia has a wide variety of landscapes

Cathedral Gorge in Purnululu National Park.

As you can tell from many points in this list, there are a lot of beautiful landscapes in Australia. It’s such a big country that there are a lot of different landscapes too. From pink lakes to limestone towers in the sea and from beaches to deserts. Most of these landscapes are also absolutely beautiful and unique.


19. You can learn how to surf in Australia

Big waves, smaller waves… With all those beaches it’s not a surprise you can surf in the land down under. Australia offers a lot of different surf spots for beginners! In many surf spots you can get surfing lessons, for instance at Noosa, Sydney’s Bondi Beach, Byron Bay, or at the Gold Coast.

Check out this two hour surf beginner lessons in Bondi Beach. Perhaps you are even interested in a surf camp? Check out this 2 day weekend surf camp at Arrawarra, near Coffs Harbor.


20. Australia has amazing lush forests

There are a lot of rain forests in Australia. This photo was taken in Kakadu National Park. An absolutely beautiful place in Northern Territory.

Camping in Kakadu National Park.

In the different states of Australia you can all sorts of forests… And there isn’t a state in Australia without a forest. Tropical rain forests, karri forests, acacia forest, callitris forest, . In total there are 125 million hectares of forests in Australia.


21. And Australia has deserts

In total there are ten deserts in Australia, and over 70% of the mainland receives less than 500mm of rain each year. Here are the ten deserts in Australia: Pedirka Desert, Tirari Desert, Sturt Stony Desert, Strzelecki Desert, Little Sandy Desert, Gibson Desert, Simpson Desert, Tanami Desert, Great Sandy Desert and Great Victoria Desert. Find more about the deserts in Australia here.


22. You can even ski in Australia

I was surprised to learn that you can actually ski in Australia! There are multiple ski resorts in Tasmania, Victoria and New South Wales. The ski season in Australia is around July and ends in early October. So, if you’re tired of all those beaches, you can have a totally different experience in the snow!


23. Australia has some of the most liveable cities in the world

Perth in Australia is an amazing city. There are a lot of fun things to do in Perth and in this article we list some. We also house sat while in Perth, which is an excellent way to cut the cost!

While Melbourne is rated the world’s most liveable city by The Economist, there are other Australian cities that are also definitely a great place to live. For instance, Perth and Adelaide are in the top 10 of the world’s most liveable cities. Besides that the cities in Australia are great to live in, they are of course also pretty cool for a shorter visit.


24. Of course Australia has the cool city Sydney

Sydney is located on the south-east coast of Australia, along the Tasman Sea. Most tourist include a visit to this urban beauty. What makes Sydney so cool? Probably because it’s of its beautiful harbour, amazing food scene, the fact that the weather is always sunny and it’s mix of the buzzing city and beach life. Sydney didn’t make it in the top ten of most liveable cities of the world, but a spot on number 11 isn’t so bad either.


25. But also the world’s most liveable city Melbourne

Melbourne was declared most liveable city in the world by the Economist for the seventh year. This annual survey assesses 140 cities in the world and ranks them according to their healthcare, stability, culture and environment, education and infrastructure. It was the first time in the 15 years that the survey of the Economist exists that one city has held the spot number one for seven years in a row.

We definitely loved the relaxed vibe in Melbourne and spent a lot of our time in St. Kilda. It’s a must visit when you’re in Australia.


26. Travel for free within the CBD in Australian cities

you can actually travel for free within the CBD in Melbourne

Australia may not be the cheapest destinations, there are definitely ways to travel on a budget in this big country. In Melbourne and Adelaide you can travel for free with the inner trams in the CBD. In Sydney there is a free shuttle bus in the CBD that runs every 10 minutes from Central Station. Great way to save a bit of cash!


27. In Australia you can find Uluru: the famous Ayers Rock

In the Central Australian desert in Northern Territory you can find the highest rock in the world: Uluru or also known as Ayers Rock. Rising 348 meters above the ground, Uluru is higher than most skyscrapers. It’s a national park and recognised as a World Heritage Area, owned by Anangu, which is an Aboriginal tribe.


28. Australia even has multiple pink lakes

Photo by Where in the World is Nina at The salt lake in Westgate Park, Melbourne

In Australia you can even find a pink lake: Lake Hillier in Western Australia. It’s not completely clear why the colour of the lake is pink, but a lot of scientists think it’s because of the Dunaliella salina microalgae. Especially when you look at the lake from above the lake has a bubblegum pink colour, but from close the colour is less prominent.

Besides Lake Hillier, there are more pink lakes in Australia. For instance, Hutt Lagoon, Pink Lake (which only turns pink with the right mixture of salt and sunlight) and Quairading Pink Lake. The salt lake in Westgate Park also turned bright pink due to a perfect mix of high temperatures, sunlight and low rainfall.


29. Next to the mainland, Australia has over 8.000 islands to explore

In total, Australia has 8.222 islands to explore! There are both oceanic and continental islands, and there are many more distinctions between all the islands. Just a few of the most popular islands include: Tasmania, Whitsunday Islands, Rottnest Island, Magnetic Island, Phillip Island, Kangaroo Island and Hamilton Island. Just 8.216 more islands to explore…


30. Tasmania has the world’s cleanest air.

Tasmania is a beautiful place in Australia and has some of the cleanest air in the world. But there are more reasons to visit this amazing island. Tasmania has incredible scenery, peaceful surroundings, a great diversity of art and culture and amazing views. Tasmania is perfect for adventurous travellers, with great hiking trails and lots of nature and wilderness to explore.


31. There are countless of amazing waterfalls everywhere in Australia

Millaa Millaa Falls in Tropical North Queensland.

Australia has countless of beautiful waterfalls all over te country. In many national parks and beaches you can find incredible waterfalls. Often you can swim in the pools beneath the waterfalls.


32. Northern Territory has some of the most amazing gorges

You can find beautiful gorges in Northern Territory, such as Katherine Gorge

Northern Territory is also a beautiful state in Australia. One of our favourite places in the Northern Territory was Katherine Gorge or Nitmiluk Gorge, where you can canoe over the waters. Besides Katherine Gorge, there are many more gorges to explore: Finke Gorge National Park, Twin Falls Gorge and Kings Canyon.


33. Enjoy the ultimate Aussie beach town of Byron Bay

Byron Bay, Australia

In Byron Bay you can find traces from the 70s with hippies and surfers. It’s a great place for surfing, wildlife encounters (of whales dolphins and turtles), practicing yoga and enjoying the sunset. You’ll find lots of great spots for food and shopping – especially if you’re in the ‘luxe boho’ look.


34. Noosa has some of the most bluest water you’ll ever find

Noosa is an absolutely beautiful place in Australia

Noosa is known as Australia’s most beautiful seaside vacation destination. There are amazing national parks, golden beaches, excellent surf spots and great shopping possibilities. Enjoy Hastings street with countless of restaurants, sit down and enjoy the lovely weather and good food.


35. Australia is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts

Australia is perfect for outdoor freaks. Here you can see me in Kakadu National Park, taking a hike! Amazing trails in Northern Territory, but also in the rest of Australia you can find something for outdoor freaks

Exploring Kakadu National Park.

Australia is really perfect if you are an outdoorsy nature lover. There are lots of walking trails, national parks and lots of beaches. You can also sail, snorkel, dive and surf. Think of all the amazing waterfalls, gorges, forests, rivers, wildlife…


36. Australia is also perfect for sports enthusiasts

Sports is a big thing in Australia. Whether you’re a tennis, football or rugby fan, there is something for every sports enthusiast. There are lots of sports bars in the cities, and even in the outback we encountered lots of sports bars where you can watch any sport you want.


37. There are many National Parks to explore in Australia

There are a lot of gorgeous national parks to explore in Australia

There are a lot of national parks in Australia: over 500! It’s barely possible to visit all of them. Each national park has its own quality. Again there are different landscapes: from deserts to forests and marine areas.

Pictured above is Kakadu National Park, which is definitely worth a visit.


38. There are many beautiful mountains in Australia with amazing views

There are plenty of walking trails in Australia, amazing hikes and of course breathtaking views

Although Australia’s mountains are definitely not some of the highest in the world, there are definitely a lot of mountains with great views. Perfect if you’re a fan of hiking and not fan of extreme altitudes. Many mountains can actually be done in a day. Check out this list with a top 10 of Australian mountains to climb according to Australian Geographic.


39. You can learn a lot about Aboriginal Culture

Australia is the world oldest continent and is inhabited for more than 50,000 years by Aboriginal people. During our time in Australia we spent most of our time in the Kimberley Region, where we learned a lot about the Aborigines through their art, dance and of course by talking to them.


40. Australia has a lot of hiking trails

Bungle Bungles, Purnululu, Bungle Bungle Range, Kimberley, CHAPTERTRAVEL, Cathedral Gorge, Whip Snake Gorge, The Window, Unique Destinations, Backpackers in Australia

All those amazing national parks and incredible landscapes offer a lot of beautiful walking trails. Think about the mountains, sand islands and outback tracks. From easy day walks to long-distance hiking trails, Australia is perfect for hikers.


41. You can find some of the most remote places in Australia

The most remote places can be found in the outback of Australia

The most remote community in Australia is Kiwirrkurra in Western Australia. But there are a lot more places that are remote. It’s a pretty special experience to visit isolated towns and even cities (Perth) that are far away from the rest of the country.

Above pictured you can see Halls Creek, a remote outback town in Western Australia where we lived for six months.


42. There are many ways to travel around Australia

There are many ways to travel around Australia. Of course the most fun way is by camper van, because it gives you all the freedom in the world. Australia offers some pretty cool camp sites and if you go to certain areas they can even be completely free.

If you can’t or don’t want to go by camper van, it’s also possible to use domestic airlines, bus or train! Of course you can also drive around with a simple car or 4×4.


43. Australia is great for house sitters

House Sitting, How to become a house sitter and save money for travel, CHAPTERTRAVEL, All Pets House Sitters

House sitting in Australia is definitely possible. It’s a great way to save money on accommodation, and it’s actually very comfortable. You have a whole home to yourself and really experience life as a local. Often house sitting is combined with pet sitting, which means you immediately have a furry new friend.

During our time in Australia we quickly found our first house sit. Check out our post to see how you can can get started!


44. There are a lot of accommodation possibilities in Australia

Our very own flash tent in Australia

Other than house sitting, there are plenty of other accommodation types in Australia. Hotels, motels, flash tents, simple tents, dorms and camper vans. There is something for every type of travellers: from luxury to budget, but also in between.


45. You can wear shorts and flip-flops almost every day of the year in the Northern parts of Australia

The seasons in Australia are at opposite times than those in the northern hemisphere. December to February is summer time, March to May is autumn, June to August is winter and September to November is spring.

The northern part of Australia is the tropical region, which means that there are only two seasons. The wet and the dry seasons. It never really gets cold, which means that you can wear flip-flops and shorts all year long! It can get rainy though, during wet season!


46. Australia has Tim Tams and other delicious food

You have probably heard of Tim Tams, even if you haven’t been to Australia! It’s one of Australia’s famous snacks. But Australia has a lot more tasty food. For instance, the pavlova (pictured above) with a meringue base, freshly whipped cream and topped with fresh food. Next to Tim Tams Australians also have tasty meat pies, delicious caramel slices, vegemite (if it’s your thing..) and much more!


47. The Australian cities offer a lot of different great restaurants

Brunch/Breakfast at From on High in Melbourne. There are a lot of amazing restaurants in Australian cities

Especially in the cities of Australia you’ll find lots of great hotspots. In Perth and Melbourne we especially explored a lot of their delicious breakfast spots. Not only is the food amazing, the interior of most restaurants is also hip and happening.


48. There are a lot of Australian brewed beers

Australia also has a lot of different beers. Actually, beer production in Australia is dominated by regional brewers. So you can find beer in Australia that you probably haven’t seen before back at home. It’s not a surprise, since Australians love to have a beer or five themselves… Can’t miss your own brand of beer? Most pubs and sports bars also offer international beers.


49. It takes forever to explore all of Australia

Australia is so big that it’s impossible to see all of it in just a short time span. If you would only visit all the beaches in Australia, it will already take you more than 27 years… So even if you would stay for over a decade, you still haven’t explored every part of Australia!


50. Australians have nicknames for everything

Macdonalds, Burger King, Maccas, Hungry Jacks, Melbourne

The Australian language is not completely the same as English. There are a lot of funny nicknames or slang for a variety of words. Australians seem to abbreviate a lot of words, such as barbie for barbecue, or maccas for McDonalds.


51. Australian people are super friendly

In the beginning of our trip we were so confused every time we paid for our groceries. The cashier at the check out counter would always ask us how we’re doing and even if we’re just walking past someone, we would get the: “How are you going?” Soon we noticed, we just needed to answer with a simple “Good, thanks.”

Australians are very friendly, laid back and social people and you can quickly get into a conversation with locals. It’s not a surprise that everyone calls each other “mate”.


52. And most of all: you’ll have fun

Lake Argyle, happy, backpacker, Lake Argyle Resort, backpacking, traveling, Australia, Kimberley, The Kimberley Region, Outback, Kununurra, Jewel of the Kimberley, CHAPTERTRAVEL

If there is one thing you will notice in Australia, it’s that most people are relaxed and laid-back. Go to Australia to get zen and don’t worry about a thing. Life is a party, enjoy it while you can. Or as Australian people say: No worries, mate!


That were the 52 reasons why you should visit Australia at least once in your life! Do you know another reason to travel down under? Let us know in the comments!

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