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Travelling is great. You learn new things, see some of the most amazing places in the world and you get in touch with new cultures, meet new people and get amazing possibilities. You really expand your world. However, as a traveller you also experience a lot of things that are not that great. The pictures people show while they travel are often idealistic and perfected – we are guilty of this as well. But all those pretty pictures don’t show the struggles some backpackers encounter. 

No matter how great your life is, where you are travelling or no matter where you live. How many pretty clothes you own or how photogenic you are: nobody’s life is completely perfect. That’s why we wanted to share some of the downsides of travelling in Australia we encountered so far. This is in no way to complain, but rather to show you the bigger picture. And if you’re sitting at home at the moment, and really jealous of the travel pictures of your travelling friends; this might make you feel better! In this post we share 9 struggles of backpacking in Australia! 

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9 Struggles of Backpacking in Australia

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1. Lack of space

While travelling with a campervan your space is very limited. Nothing is more annoying than having to look for your swim gear and it’s not where you left it. You keep bumping your head on the ceiling trying to find it, making an even bigger mess. The same of course goes for when you’re staying in hostels. Usually those dorm rooms aren’t the biggest.

2. Getting sand in your bed

Isn’t it great that you can go to the beach every day? Too bad that you always bring a part of the beach with you into your bed. And you never seem to get rid of it.

3. Everything is expensive

That 30-dollar pasta at the Italian looks so tasty and you really don’t feel like making dinner. But you need to stick to you budget.

4. Road kill

The most wild animals we see are dead: kangaroos, wallabies, koalas and so forth. It’s so sad.

5. Campervan issues

While travelling with a campervan you own, you have the risk of it breaking down. You don’t have time or money for that.

6. Insects

You have cockroaches, but you also have flies. Flies that will keep harassing you from the moment you step outside, untill you’re back inside.

7. No money for activities

The activities that seem to be the most interesting are often the most expensive. Again – everything is expensive.

8.  The heat

The heat: Sometimes it’s just too hot. Yes, I know if you’re sitting in the cold right now you think: fuck you. But really: it’s too hot. I’m sweating while I’m typing this, I rather not move. I better make an end to this post.

9. Getting your 2nd year visa

Getting your 2nd year visaHere are a lot of different struggles for backpackers: getting the job, doing the job and finishing the job. We’ve heard a lot of different stories – positive and (more) negative. As a backpacker, you don’t know if you’re going to get screwed and if you’ll earn enough money. “So I’ll get 2 dollars a bucket of blueberries? Alright, uhm, that’s great – I think.”

So you see, it’s not all pretty pictures and sunny beaches. As a traveller you’ll have struggles too. Just like at home, only different issues. Don’t let it hold you back to go on adventure, though. Nothing in life is perfect, but even though your backpacking trip won’t be completely perfect, you will make some of the best memories!

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