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Ho-ho-ho! It's almost time for the most wonderful time of the year! Are you looking for awesome Christmas gifts for travellers? You're in luck, because in this post we list 102 gifts for travel lovers. Such as: gifts for jetsetters, digital nomads, adventurous travellers, travelling photographers and occasional travellers. Also, the list includes some useful and entertaining gifts for all sorts of travellers... You'll be all set for with your travel gifts for Christmas 2018! 

Don't limit yourself to a category, because of course certain gifts can be applicable for any traveller. Get ready for 102 Christmas gifts for all sorts of travellers! Or just click on the one you're most interest in to jump to that section. 

Are you looking for a personalised travel gift? Then read this article with 10 personalised travel gifts for travellers!

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102 Travel gifts that are perfect gifts for travel lovers

Travel gifts for a Jetsetter

Are you searching for the perfect gift for a real Jetsetter? A Jetsetter is looking for just a bit more luxury in their travel life during those long flights. Especially if they aren't in first class, these 18 items will make their travels a bit more pleasant. Some of these products will make all those flights a lot more comfortable, such as a cute neck pillow, eye mask and a blanket. There are also some fashionable items included, like travel related jewellery and a warm shawl, because nobody said you can't look fabulous during your travels! Just click on the button to purchase the item on Amazon and your Christmas Jetsetter gifts are all set.

1. Luggage

2. E-Reader

3. Neckpillow for airplane

4. Blanket

 5. Eye mask

6. Passport wallet

7. Coordinates Bracelet set


 8. Warm shawl

9. Sunglasses

10. Evian Face Spray

11. Make up remover travel set

12. Moji Mini Massager

13. Travel Friendly Manicure kit



14. Slim Sonic Toothbrush

15. Moisturizing Travel Set yu-Be

16. Cleansing Wipes

17. Travel Iron

18. Stainless Steel Water Bottle by S'well 

Travel gifts for a Digital Nomad

Are you looking for the perfect gift for a Digital Nomad? Travel gifts for Digital Nomads are mostly practical gifts that help them in their location independent career. Often they already have a laptop, as that's a basically their work station, however the Macbook Air is included as it's nice and light, very handy! Most important thing is to consider that they can't carry around unnecessary stuff in their backpack. Items such as a portable WiFi device and battery pack are super useful to keep them connected, while the Productivity Planner keep them on track. Check the 15 items below to choose the perfect gift for Digital Nomads!

19. MacBook Air

20. Laptop case

21. Portable Battery Pack

22. iPad

23. Apple SD Card Camera Reader

24. All-in-one adapter

25. Global WiFi Device

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26. Lifeproof iPhone case

27. Universal cord organizer

28. Adjustable and Portable Laptop Stand

29. Productivity Planner

30. Hard Drive

31. A Decent Daypack (with laptop compartment)

32. Travel journal

33. myBunjee Classic

Travel gifts for a Adventurous Traveller

Are you looking for the perfect gift for the Adventurous Traveller? The 21 products below are perfect for the backpacker that is keen on hiking, camping and other adventurous activities! Certain items are useful for any long term traveller, such as the backpack and the solar portable waterbank! Just click on the button to purchase the item on Amazon and you've got the perfect gift for the adventurous traveller.

34. A Backpack


35. Inflatable pillow

36. Hiking boots

37. Fitness Tracker Watch

38. Sandals

39. Invisaband against mosquitos

40. BioLite Wood Burning CampStove

41. Foldable kayak


42. Swiss Army Knife

43. Solar Portable Powerbank

44. Sleeping bag

45. Waterproof dry bags

46. Camping Hammock

47. Waterproof jacket

48. Filtered Water Bottle

49. Flash light

50. Headlamp

51. Solar powered light

52. Atlas Obscura

53. Go-Pro

54. Go Pro Accessoires

Travel gifts for a Travelling Photographer

Are you looking for the perfect gift for the Travelling Photographer? We've got some awesome photography equipment listed below! Like we said before, these gifts can definitely fit for various travellers, and the items below would also be great for a Jetsetter, Digital Nomad or Adventurous Traveller!

55. Compact Camera

56. Flash light for camera

57. Camera bag

58. Tripod

59. Camera Extender

60. Keychain tripod Keyprop

61. Camera Strap

62. New camera lens

63.  Camera Lens for iPhone

64. Polaroid Camera

65. Analog camera

66. Lens Filters

Travel gifts for a Occasional Traveller

Are you looking for the perfect gift for the occasional traveller? Not every traveller is always on the road or travels every month. For an occasional traveller it's easier to give travel gifts that they can easily store at home. There for the items below vary from inspiration for next destinations to cool travel decorations!

67. Weekend bag

68. World Scratch Map

69. National Geographic Allanson Globe

70. Instagram Magnets

71. Travel Tote Bag

72. Lonely Planet Guides


Super useful travel gifts

Some travel items are just super useful. They might not be the most fun to give, but they are really handy to have for a traveller. Think about products such as compression bags, a money pouch, insect repeller or locks to keep your backpack safe. Check out the 21 useful Christmas gifts below!

73. Toiletry bag

74. Compression bags

75. Travel Towel

76. Packing cubes

77. Money Pouch

78. Snore cancelling headphones

79. Locks

80. Insect repeller

81. Luggage Scale

82. Wash Bag Scrubba

83. Liquid containers

84. Travel Organiser Rise Gear

85. Earplugs

86. Sunscreen

87. Sarong

88. Sunhat

89. First Aid Kit

90. Dry Shampoo

91. The North Face Tri-Climate Jacket

92. Personal Water Filter

93. Compression Performance Travel Socks

Entertaining travel gifts

Next to useful gifts there are also travel gifts that are mostly fun. They might not be very functional, but it's definitely awesome to give and to get! The Tinggly Travel Voucher is besides super fun actually also useful, because with the voucher you can get experiences worldwide. It can be shipped anywhere globally, so also helpful when you can't give it face-to-face. Check out the 9 entertaining gifts below!

94. Map Puzzles

95. Travel Chess Set

96. Waterproof Deck of cards

97. Mobile Speakers

98. Pocket Sudoku

99. The Carry on Cocktail Kit The Old Fashioned

100. Tinggly Travel Voucher for Experiences World Wide

101. World Globe Ornament

102. Travel Candle

Those were 102 Christmas travel gift ideas for all sorts of travellers! With these gifts for travel lovers you're all good to go for Christmas! Be sure to let us know what you're getting and perhaps you've got some cool travel gift ideas too. 

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. For more information please check our Disclosure page. Thank you!

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With Christmas on the way it's time to buy your friends and families gifts! Do you have a travel lover that you want to surprise with a perfect travel gift? Then check out this article with 102 travel gifts for travel lovers! It has something for every type of traveler! #Christmas #Travelgifts #giftguide

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