Heb je zin om er even helemaal tussen uit te gaan? Hiervoor hoef je echt niet ver te reizen, een weekendje weg in Nederland is

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Are you looking for a fun weekend trip in the Netherlands? Then you’ve came to the right place! In this post you can find plenty of inspiration for your time in our country. The Netherlands is a tiny country and it’s easy to travel around with the car or train to most places. And there is plenty to do in my home country! I asked other travel bloggers what they think is a good place for a weekend away in the Netherlands. 

In this article you’ll find 10 great places in the Netherlands that are perfect for a weekend away, including fun and unique accommodations. That way you can already start planning your weekend away in the Netherlands. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing weekend or a weekend of exploring, everything is possible!

10 Places for a weekend trip in the Netherlands

1. The Veluwe

Foto door Amber Bas.

Are you looking for a place in the Netherlands to completely relax? Then the Veluwe is the ideal destination for you. But even if you can’t sit still, there is certainly plenty to do, since it’s one of the largest nature reserves in the Netherlands. At the Veluwe you’ll find forest, heathland, sand plains, country estates and pastures. One day in the Veluwe is not long enough to really experience it! For example, go to the Kröller-Müller Museum where you can explore their sculpture garden, spot wild animals in nature or enjoy spa and wellness so that you can completely relax during your weekend in the Netherlands!

In my other article you’ll find more activities on the Veluwe.

Accommodation tip for the Veluwe

For the Veluwe I recommend to stay in an Airbnb, on their website you’ll find a lot of special and affordable accommodations. Have you never used Airbnb before? Use this link and get a discount on your first accommodation!


2. Alkmaar

You don’t always have to travel far to visit a fun city. Alkmaar is a good example of this. There’s a big chance that you already know that this city has a famous cheese market, but did you know that Alkmaar has a few hidden courtyards, cozy hotspots and beautiful canals?

You can easily discover Alkmaar on foot, which makes it easier to look around and admire the city. That’s certainly worth it, because Alkmaar is full of historic buildings. For example in the Achterstraat you will find the Cheese Warehouse Henneman. Also take the time to discover the courtyards. The Alkmaar courtyards are also called proven houses, because in the past old ladies and gentlemen lived here and received preuven (gifts). The Hofje van Splinter and the Wildemanshofje are open daily for viewing.

Don’t skip the small side streets. Here you’ll find fun cafes and shops. Especially in the Koorstraat you’ll find shops that are unique. And while you’re here anyway: eat a cake at Sencha. Here they bake all kinds of goodies, including gluten-free, plant based and raw. Are you a real sweet tooth? The rocky road is incredibly tasty and well filled with marshmellows, nuts and biscuits. Nice to know: at this lunch store they prefer to use local and honest products.

Written by Janna Kamphof. Read about a day in Alkmaar on her blog (in Dutch & German)!

Hotel tip for Alkmaar

Stay at the Amrâth Hotel Alkmaar, a nice hotel that is a short distance from the center of Alkmaar. Furthermore, it’s close to the Cheese Market (yummie), the shops and the Stedelijk Museum!


3. Rotterdam

Great hotspots, shops, a lot of street art and many museums and galleries – that’s what you can visit during a weekend in Rotterdam. In this modern city you will certainly have a fun weekend filled with food, culture and shopping.

A striking characteristic of Rotterdam is the special architecture! In Rotterdam you’ll find the Erasmus Bridge (which you see pictured above), the Cube Houses and the Markthal. Very special buildings that you can’t find anywhere else. Furthermore, Rotterdam is the ideal city for real foodies, because there are a lot of nice places to have breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Would you like some inspiration for your visit to Rotterdam? Then visit my Rotterdam blog Weekends in Rotterdam, here you can find everything you need to know about my hometown.

Accommodation tip for Rotterdam

Stay on the Wikkelboat! This special accommodation is within walking distance of the center and you have your own oasis on the water.


4. Winterswijk

The Achterhoek is a region in the east of the province of Gelderland, located near the German border. Winterswijk is one of the municipalities here. One of the reasons to travel to this area is the great outdoors. Here you can sleep at a farm, easily go anywhere on a bike and eat delicious food at one of the restaurants. Winterswijk is a fairly extensive municipality with many scholten farms, but the village center is quite small.

The most historic street of Winterswijk, where a textile factory stood, is the picturesque Lappenbrink. The only thing that the Achterhoek does not have is a beach, or does it? Are you in Winterswijk on a summer’s day? Then set course for the beach bath. In addition, you can visit a local vintner and set off with a forester to spot animals. In short, an original holiday destination for a weekend trip in the Netherlands!

Written by Bianca for Food Travel Photography. Read more about a weekend in the Achterhoek on her blog (Only in Dutch)!

Accommodation tip forWinterswijk

Bed & Breakfast de Borg, a farm with two rooms and two appartments.


5. Nijmegen

When you think of a city trip in the Netherlands you quickly think of Amsterdam or Maastricht, but did you know that Nijmegen is also a lot of fun? Nijmegen is the oldest city in the Netherlands and in the old center of the city you can find remains from a distant past. Visit the St. Stevens Church; the oldest church in the city, walk through the Valkhofpark and stroll along the Waal. The city is bursting with great places such as trendy boutiques, trendy coffee shops and good restaurants. For example, the Honig factory has been transformed into a creative place where various designers have a studio. It’s also a good place for locally brewed beer, the best coffee, home made ice cream and tasty burgers. An upcoming street is the Bloemerstraat. Formerly this street was avoided because of a lot of vacancy and a harsh atmosphere, but now it is a multicultural neighborhood with several modern hotspots.

Nijmegen is extra fun in the summer. This is because regular events and festivals are organised, such as cultural terrace De Kaaij, which takes place on a cool location under the Waal Bridge. There are also several beaches in the area where you can enjoy the beautiful weather. Certainly also visit Nijmegen during the Nijmegen Vierdaagse. Even if you’re not a fan of walking, the city is the place to be in that week, because of all the events and parties during the Vierdaagse Feesten.

Written by Lisette van Beek. Read what else you can do in Nijmegen (only in Dutch).

Hotel tip for Nijmegen

You can spend the night at the trendy hotel Blue inspired by Manna, where next to the comfy beds, you can also order heavenly meals and cocktails.


6. Middelburg

On the most Western part of the Netherlands, you’ll find Middelburg. This beautiful Zeeuwse history is perfect for history lovers looking for a taste of this medieval city that has been around since the age of the Vikings. Within the city, it’s best to explore the historic center on foot to discover the many cute boutiques, the beautiful monastery where Lange Jan sits, and taste the great local beer brewed in Zeeland. It’s easy to get lost in the many cute streets that weave through the city center. It might not be possible to see the inside of the old city hall, but it is hard not to stop and admire this beautiful Gothic city hall. Nearby, you’ll find a charming independent bookstore with a great cafe, perfect for buying a unique souvenir or book to bring home with you!

As the train ride is long and expensive, you’ll want to ensure that you have at least a weekend to ensure that you have enough time to explore the city as well as the surrounding areas, including Goes and Yerseke. Driving is a better option and you’ll find many cozy guesthouses in Zeeland looking for a bit of peace and quiet on a budget.

Written by Karen of Wanderlustingk. Read more about Middelburg on her website.  

Accommodation tip for Middelburg

The popular Bnbe-incontrol is a great bed & breakfast in Middelburg.


7. Schiermonnikoog

At Schiermonnikoog you feel like you’re in a completely different country than the Netherlands. You’re 45 minutes away on this small Wadden Island. The fact that it’s small doesn’t mean there isn’t anything to do. The island is perfect for a bike or walking tour. While cycling you can cover the largest distances, because the island is still 18 km long. By foot you can cover the small distances and reach paths you can’t reach by bike. So there is plenty to discover at Schiermonnikoog. One of the nicest things to do is making a long beach walk. The island has the widest beach in Europe, so a perfect opportunity in every season to get a breath of fresh air.

There are several excursions on the island that you can do to see just a bit more. With the Balgexpres you can go to the eastern part of the island, a place most people don’t visit. Or with a boat to the Engelsmanplaat, a plate between Ameland and Schiermonnikoog where you regularly encounter seals along the way.

Accommodation tip for Schiermonnikoog

Schiermonnikoog has plenty of options for accommodation. It Aude Kolonyhus, for example, is the place where in the past pale noses came from the mainland, nowadays it is a nice location to spend the night. The hotels in the village are also good options for a weekend stay. In short Schiermonnikoog has something for everyone during a weekend away!

Written by Marjolein of Your Travel Guide. On her blog you can find more activities on Schiermonnikoog (only in Dutch)!

8. Giethoorn

Giethoorn is a small village that is world famous for its beautiful bridges, canals and the fact that there are no roads. Giethoorn is fun for a day, but it is certainly also a destination for a weekend trip in the Netherlands.

Because Giethoorn is a popular destination, and easily accessible from other major cities, the town is usually full of tourists. So even though I would like to tell you that it’s an ideal place to relax, the opposite can be true. Especially on hot days and during holidays the town will be busy, so choose the weekend that you’re visiting Giethoorn very wisely.

Don’t let the other tourists ruin your day and rent a boat with some friends (at least with someone who can steer the boat) and explore the beautiful area. It is often possible to reserve a boat in advance, this is certainly recommended on busier days. Here you will find more fun activities in Giethoorn!

Accommodation tip Giethoorn

Hotel B&B d’Olde Smidse in Giethoorn has a great location, and they serve a delicious breakfast here!


9. The Veerse Meer

The Veerse Meer is the perfect place for an active weekend in the Netherlands. You can cycle and walk through the junctions routes and on top of that you can also do water sports. Are not you so sporty? Then the Veerse Meer is also a fine destination for you. The cozy village of Veere with its beautiful historic buildings is definitely worth a visit. Do you want to discover more of the lake yourself? Then make a cruise or just rent a boat yourself. And if the weather is nice, take a picnic on the edge of the lake and enjoy!

Written by Tjapke of Tjapke op Reis. Read more about the Veerse Meer on her website (only in Dutch)!

Accommodation tip for the Veerse Meer

Het Fletcher Hotel-Restaurant Het Veerse Meer is a luxurious 4-star hotel with a panoramic view of the Veerse Meer.


10. Stein

Stein is a Dutch city close to Maastricht and the Belgian border. Stein is a wonderful destination for a weekend away. Especially if you are looking for a place to completely relax. Because in Stein you mainly find peace and quiet. But it is certainly not boring; there is also culture and lots of history to explore.

Stein is ideal for cyclists and hikers, because the entire Maasvallei is full of cycling and walking routes. You have a lot of cozy villages, but especially Elsloo is beautiful! Make sure to stop here, because this village is super photogenic.

Accommodation tip in Stein

I loved B&B Chique Maes, but also in the castle of Elsloo you can spend the night and eat. Be sure to visit Woodhenge, a wooden construction that is very similar to Stonehenge. Very special!

Written by Lot Wildiers of Reisgoesting


What do you consider a great place for a weekend in the Netherlands? Let us know in the comments below!

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